Ginger Wedding Dress

Ginger Wedding Dress

This wedding dress was one of those truly endless projects where I allowed my perfectionism to run away with me. After all, a wedding is a very special day.

The design was a collaboration between the bride and myself and Ginger Rodgers. Although this dress was inspired from by the 30s it barrows little from several different modern ideas. The bride did not want a waist line so in order to accomplish the extravagant fullness in the skirt I cut it from 6 gores with a godet between each piece for a volume totaling 1 3/4 circles. There is also a second underskirt of 1 1/2 circles. Inside of that is a satin lining. The total hem is estimated to be nearly 100 feet in length. I dare anyone to level 100 feet of gorgette.

The dress suffered some technical problems with nearly 20 yards of fabric pulling on the bodice. Every time I fit her I had to move the side seam slightly because the fabric was shifting under its' own weight. It took me a few tries to figure out what was happening but once I did I was able to stabilize it.

The bodice is a crape satin with a layer of bias gorgette over. The 24 buttons, ribbon button loops and trim are made from a shinny satin. The lining is embroidered with both the bride and grooms names and the date of their wedding in commemoration of the event.

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