Couture Costumes and Corsetry

There are many reasons you should consider having that special project made here.

I began costuming in the late 1980s so I have almost 20 years experience with costuming and specialty clothing. You know that special one-of-a-kind creation will be in experienced hands.

I know some other contractors who will bid low with the expectation that they will be able to raise their price at the first change in the project. By choosing to have your garment made here you know you will get a good value. You will probably never find anyone who will work harder for your dollar. If it doesn't get done, it's because it couldn't be done.

My background in theater means that I know how to make things that will last and that can be altered. My costumes will be able to follow you though more changes in your life than other costumes. I stand behind my work and I like to keep my clients in good repair.

Couture Costumes hold their value. If it ever comes time for you to part with that special thing, you can be sure that the quality and label will bring you a greater return on your initial investment.

I am flexible. I enjoy working with people who already have a strong idea of what they want as well as people who have no idea at all. I can provide input on many different levels or none at all. I prefer difficult and advance projects such as Living Portraits but can do almost anything but the ordinary.

I have a very broad skill set that allows me to approach complicated design problems from a variety of angles. From soft to structured, dyed and sculpted there are almost no limits to your project here. The one thing I don't like to do is waste people's time or money.

General Information

Couture Costume has been located in San Francisco since 1994 although I have moved my studio within the city several times. It has been my goal to produce costumes, patterns and the like to the highest of standards whenever time and money permit. My strongest area is Women's Historical Costumes but with my sewing, patterning and dying skills I have made custom draperies, children's clothing, athletic wear, men's tailored garments, samples for designers, patterns for commercial use, Halloween costumes, Renaissance costumes, Victorian wedding dresses, Theater costumes, Ballet costumes, Gothic gowns and other things that would make this list too long.

In 1996 I graduated from San Francisco State University with honors and a degree in Technical Theater with an emphasis on Costume. During my academic education I took a variety of classes such as Jewelery Making, Surface Design for Textiles, Figure Drawing, Fashion Business and Textile Sciences. I took every class that I felt would make me a better rounded artisan regardless of the requirements for my major and minor. I choose not to complete my minor in Fashion because I had already begun working with the San Francisco Opera and De Young Museum and felt it was more valuable for me to move forward with my career at that time.

This site is an online showcase of my works current and past for both individuals and professional companies. It includes both work from my private life as an artist and commercial works. I still have many more items to add to the database; I am committed to putting up one new page each day until it is done, hopefully some time in October 2004. The section dedicated to the San Francisco Opera where I have spent the last 7 years of my costume career will be completed sometime in 2005 since there is much extra work to be done with releases from artist, designers and the company.

Most of all I want to thank my wonderful husband for putting this site together. I may have made the clothes but this website is a work of art on his part. I also want to thank my son, extended family, friends and people in the dance, theater and costume communities for their support and inspiration.

I hope that this portfolio of my work will give anyone who is interested in hiring me a sense of confidence that they will be getting my very best no matter what the project.