Early Victorian Cage Crinoline

Early Victorian Cage Crinoline

This year I was delighted to make a cage crinoline. I havent worked on one since collage so I was ecstatic to be re-learning as I was working.

Despite the fact that this was somewhat of a learning experience for me I am extremely pleased with the way it turned out. Mostly the things I re-discovered will allow me to make the next one more quickly and with less fuss.

This particular cage crinoline is correct for the early Victorian bell shape. I incorporated some useful details from actual cage crinolines of the Victorian period. It has a small bustle pad which can be adjusted or removed to refine the shape to the wearer's taste. It has a securely fastening waistband and the ruffle is detachable for laundering.

If you are interested in light weight, this cage crinoline is extremely light however you might want to wear a petticoat over it to prevent the hoops from showing though your skirts.

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