Men's Eastern European Tunic Shirt

My husband and I are still messing around with our SCA personas.  This year we are leaning towards eastern european because we built a vardo (gypsy wagon) to take to events.

I did a little research, and pulled in some details from the many opera's I have worked on that have been staged in similar styles and came up with a simple men's tunic style shirt.  Probably it should have much more embriodery on it to be historical, but I wanted something I could cut out, sew together and throw in the washing machine.  Sort of modern wash and wear care in a historical garment.

Ladies Victorian Union Suit

Over the years I have had a number of request for ladies union suits, mostly from the Dickens' crowd.  The top edge of a ladie's drawers can itch and dig under a corset.  Some ladies choose to cheat and wear their drawers over their corsets, but this can interfear with the proper wearing of a chemise.  I can not tell you off the top of my head, exactly what year union suits for ladies came in, but I have a strong feeling it was not until the latter half of the Victorian era.  Even though they are not period,  I decided to go a head and develop a pattern for my clients personal comfort.  Onc

Blue & White Dancers corset

My Dancer corsets have become extreemly popular.  I can also make beautiful fashion corsets, but I think Im one of the few making these exceptionally light weight, easy wearing corsets.

This one was made special for a client who wanted white and blue.   I think its very stirking because it reminds me of a classic suit or uniform.  Its simple but really turned out to be a striking color combination.  I embroidered little snowflakes down the seams since it was winter.   

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