Dickensian Ladies Day dress in Paisley

Sometimes you find a fabric that makes the dress.  As I remember it, the client sent me shopping with something entirely different in mind but I had purchased a 1/4 yard of this fabric to show her because a swatch just was not going to communicate much about the yardage.  We looked at all the swatches together but we both loved this very busy fabric.  Boarder prints are so hard to find and when you do find them they offer such rich possibilities.

Blue & White Dancers corset

My Dancer corsets have become extreemly popular.  I can also make beautiful fashion corsets, but I think Im one of the few making these exceptionally light weight, easy wearing corsets.

This one was made special for a client who wanted white and blue.   I think its very stirking because it reminds me of a classic suit or uniform.  Its simple but really turned out to be a striking color combination.  I embroidered little snowflakes down the seams since it was winter.   


Last year I thought how lovely it would be to have a dress from every major silhouette. I know many other ladies aspire to this also. Then I was thinking how very boring and expensive to have a petticoat to go with each. So started work on a petticoat with a self leveling hem and ties that can work for almost every period. I wanted to free the women of the world from the economic, space and resource investment of having to buy and store endless petticoat so they can focus on what everyone sees. Their dresses. Im nearly satisfied with my Omni-petticoat. Here is beta version.

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