Sally Nightmare Before Christmas

Sally Nightmare Before Christmas

I had already been sewing for years, but I think Sally was the first time I saw a costume I wanted to copy for myself [insert life] but it took me until now to make her for myself [20 years later]. Here is my Sally Kigurimi. She is made almost entirely out of old fleece jackets. I need to dig out some yarn and add stitching across the seams before I can call her really done but Im in the middle of a quilt for my son so my evening are currently booked.  I will repost pictures when I have added the stitching.  Maybe next year.

There are a few version of the dress floating around out there.  If you look at the part on the left hip with the large pokadots, this is either lightly colored as in the film or teal colored as on the official Nightmare Before Christmas figures.  I cannot explain this difference.  For my pattern, I spent hours pouring over the film and capturing stills to organize and study.  If you look closely, there are many shots from similar angles that seem to have different things happening with the dress.  Also the color changes dramatically throughout the film.  Parts are almost black and white while other scenes have an amber or rosy cast.  This makes it very difficult to determine the exact colors used.

Most of the time I opt for recycled materials on my own projects because of my beliefs, but in this case, it was really necessary.  Shopping fleece at a fabric store leaves you with a really limited pallet.  Mostly true hues and a few pastels.  For this project I needed a wider selection of more muted hues.  The fleece turned out to be a wonderful way to capture the texture of the real costume dress.  If you look at how it folds on her, it has to be some thicker material. 

I have a kit for sale that includes most of the dress cut out to save on bulk shipping.  I also have the pattern for sale.  It can be made as it, or without the under sleeves, pants and hood for the most authentic dress available right down to the pocket on the right side.


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