1840s Cotton & Velveteen Day Dress

1840s Cotton & Velveteen Day Dress

This is a dress I made for myself just in time for the cancellation of Old Sacramento Days. 

Still its a lovely dress and much lighter than my Dickens' wool or houndstooth dresses.  Both of of which are too heavy to wear in the summer.

Its made from light weight cotton and cotton velveteen.  The front buttons are over hooks and the bodice is seperate fromt he skirt.  I also made some light weight cotton organdy undersleeves that look very nice while being ever so light weight.  

Its pictured over one of my special hoops and is available for rent since it lives in my closet.  I lost the picture of the back with trim (maybe wrote over it) but here is a picture of the back unfinished until I get it back on the form and rephotograph it.  That will probably take a while as Im always more interested in making new things.

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