Hawaiian Edwardian

Hawaiian Edwardian

This dress is a bridesmaids dress from a Hawaiian themed Edwardian wedding. I never got a change to ask how the bride and groom came up with this concept but it made for a really fun dress.

The bride purchased a pattern from Ageless Patterns for all of her bridesmaids to use. I didnt like the way the bodice went together so I didnt use the bodice pattern. I did use the skirt pattern and had some trouble with it.

The dress is composed of boned bodice and yoke with embroidered overlay. The front of the bodice has flowers from the lace layed on by hand as does the overskirt. The under skirt is made from a simple purple cotton that I doubled in order to get a better drape. It is trimmed with a rayon gimp braid, cotton eyelet and embroidered net.

Also shown is the complimenting petticoat with circular flounce and built in bustle pad.

Built in: