1920's French Policeman's Uniform

1920's French Policeman's Uniform

This was a wonderful project.  I have been so often blessed in my career with wonderful and enthusiastic clients.

A couple came to me wanting a French Police mans uniform for the gentleman.  The wife had done much of the research, so it was up to me to be helpful and see that it came out beautifully and I was very happy to do so.

She provided all the buttons and hardware.  Some of the hardware was silver and some was gold.  Not being an expert on antique buttons and having only black and white photos to look at, it was beyond me weather the gold buttons had lost their gold or the silver hardware had lost its silver and were now brass colored base metal.  I could guess but didn't really know.  To deal with these mixed metals, I fought furiously with both silver and gold metallic trim to make a combination trim that tied the silver and gold hardware together with the coat.  I promise you metallic trim does not like to be abused in this way.  

I also did the embroidered insignia for the collar.  They are not in as of the final photos on the dress form, but you can see them on the coat when modeled.  I find the computerized embroidery machine a valuable too when recreating historical garments.  

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