Goblin / Middle Earth Costume

Goblin / Middle Earth Costume

Since we went to Labyrinth of Jareth this summer up until Halloween there was only one thing that my son wanted to be and that was a Goblin! That consistency gave me license to go all out for his Halloween costume. I am hopeful that it will fit him next summer for Labyrinth of Jareth.

During the summer I made the tunic for my son to wear to the Middle Earth Festival. He won a prize for the costume. He wore the tunic with a belt (not pictured), pants and sandals.

For the Goblin costume I added a brown fur vest and plastic bones on a leather thong. He also wore the goblin mask that I made for him and reversible leather bracers. I purchased a studded leather belt that I cut down for him and a small plastic double headed ax with skulls on it. He wore the same pants and sandals that he used in the summer. We also smeared his hands and feet with greenish brown makeup. He looked really GREAT! The last picture is of my son without the mask and his friend ready for trick or treating.

See more about the mask http://couturecostume.com/item735.html

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